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How to Generate Random IP Address using Coldfusion (CFML)

Our dev team needed random IP Address for dummy data, here is how I accomplish generating random IP Address. The function used to accomplish this was: RandRange RandRange(number1, number2[, algorithm]) The algorithm to use to generate the random number. ColdFusion installs a cryptography library with the following algorithms: CFMX_COMPAT: the algorithm used in ColdFusion (default). SHA1PRNG:… Read More »

How To Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX

To reset password for OSX 10.10 Yosemite, OSX 10.9 Mavericks and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion including root and standard user accounts can be reset, this can be done booted from the Recovery Partition on OSX. Boot into your Recovery Partition Startup or reboot your apple computer: When booting: 1. hold down command + R at… Read More »

Using Meteor in WebStorm IDE

Richard Baker did an excellent write up on how to use Meteor with WebStorm IDE. Excerpt: Autocomplete To add Meteor code completion in WebStorm, open your project then go to Preferences > Project Settings > JavaScript > Libraries. Click the Add button to add a new library. Click the + button midway down to ‘Attach Directories…’ and add /Users/[username]/.meteor/packages. There are… Read More »

Installing Meteor & Meteorite

We can install Meteor from Please ensure Node JS and Git are installed on your computer. If you are having “Permission errors” Please try: That it, it is that simple…

Had a great day yesterday 03/24/2013

Yesterday Viking Cane-cutters put a beating on Guyana Heat. Ryan and Mickey put on a 298 runs partnership. Both of them was Not Out. I think is SFSCL record for the most partnership for an opening pair and most runs scored by a team in a inning, 301+.

Learning Something New

So after doing some research today, I’ve decided to start learning ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET programming language with a powerful framework. using System.Web; using System.Web.Mvc; namespace MvcMovie.Controllers { public class HelloWorldController : Controller { // // GET: /HelloWorld/ public string Index() { return “This is my default action…”; } // // GET: /HelloWorld/Welcome/ public string Welcome()… Read More »

Finally got a new post

I have not looked at or updated this blog in forever. I might add some cool content soon if i find some time. I am off for now 🙂 hope everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

Learning Unity3D

Ever since I begin programming, I always wanted to learn how to develop games. I recently came across a software call Unity3D. Unity3D is really cool piece of software that can be used to develop a full freeware or commercial game. Unity3D is my choice for starting this project, that is why I am looking… Read More »

My Trip To New York City

I am going to NYC tomorrow, the funny thing is I used to live there, but I never venture out to sight-see. I only hope that a basketball tournament at Rucker Park was going on this weekend. I would love to see some NBA players playing at Rucker. I basically put my iPad on charge… Read More »

Postbox Email Client For The Win

I have been using Apple Mail client, which was working well until recently it started to become sluggish. I found Postbox and it’s working out really good for me so far. Link to Postbox: Postbox “A better way to do email” “Awesome email software that will help you focus, save time, and get more done.”