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New Year New Goals

Last year most of my goals was obtained. The main goal I had was finding a stable job, which happen late August. Hopefully this year my goals will be obtainable, here is my list: Be in shape: lose some of my fat and put on some mussel weight. Reading: Read more and stop wasting time… Read More »

jQuery IE7 load URL error Fix

A propper fix can be found here: I have use Tim Boormans Fix & Fuction. function unique_requestid() { var timestamp = Number(new Date()).toString(); var random = Math.random() * (Math.random() * 100000 * Math.random() ); var unique = new String(); unique = timestamp + random; return unique; } $(‘#YourElementID’).load(“/ajaxpage.php?a=getsomething&random=” + uniquerequestid());

Best PHP Contact Form with jQuery Validation Tutorial

Raymond Selda wrote one of the best tutorial I have read in a long long time. I enjoyed reading it and I learned new things about Jquery validations. Thank you Raymond and hope you write more on the subject of Jquery. Link:

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MIME types required for serving Flash movies

SWF MIME type: MIME type:application/x-shockwave-flash File suffix: .swf Macintosh web servers may require the following additional settings: [actionscript3]Action: Binary Type: SWFL Creator: SWF2[/actionscript3] FLV MIME type: MIME type:flv-application/octet-stream File suffix: .flv