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Using Meteor in WebStorm IDE

Richard Baker did an excellent write up on how to use Meteor with WebStorm IDE. Excerpt: Autocomplete To add Meteor code completion in WebStorm, open your project then go to Preferences > Project Settings > JavaScript > Libraries. Click the Add button to add a new library. Click the + button midway down to ‘Attach Directories…’ and add /Users/[username]/.meteor/packages. There are… Read More »

jQuery IE7 load URL error Fix

A propper fix can be found here: I have use Tim Boormans Fix & Fuction. function unique_requestid() { var timestamp = Number(new Date()).toString(); var random = Math.random() * (Math.random() * 100000 * Math.random() ); var unique = new String(); unique = timestamp + random; return unique; } $(‘#YourElementID’).load(“/ajaxpage.php?a=getsomething&random=” + uniquerequestid());