Learning Unity3D

By | September 30, 2011

Ever since I begin programming, I always wanted to learn how to develop games. I recently came across a software call Unity3D. Unity3D is really cool piece of software that can be used to develop a full freeware or commercial game. Unity3D is my choice for starting this project, that is why I am looking for samples and tutorials on how to design & program a card game using Unity3D. I am not sure where to start, but I think I have and idea that if I follow some basic example I might end up on the right track.

If anyone have examples or tutorials please send them to me or leave a comment, I would love to review them and learn some new stuff. My idea for the game would be a poker game with a built in lobby, chat, and live music. I am not sure how long it would take me to complete or have a demo going, but I really want to start on something fresh.

I’m not sure where I would find the time to start this project off, but when I do I would definitely aim to complete it